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Attitudes toward foreign programmers


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Pug, that A is worse than B doesn't mean that B cannot be bad.


People can live however they want and I could care less as long as its not impacting me and by that I mean someone using violence or vandalism, not as in someone smoking at a bar and then I sniff in the smoke.


Lol... what do you think might happen when people have no money and desperately need it? What do you think might happen to the children of the parents working 12 hours per day 30 days a month, left alone by themselves in slum neighborhoods?


My guess is the crime rate in those places would be higher than the average.

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Computer = 300 watts.

Month in a second = 2592000.

Total consumption = 2592000 * 300

= 777600000

Thats watts/month. Now kilowatts...

= 777600/month.

777600 / (3600, due to it being kilowatt hour) =

216 * whatever rate your state charges, being 10c...=

21600 cents...216$? Hmm...Well lets be reasonable though. You aren't going to keep your computer on 24/7 and nor should your computer take 300 watts or anything near it. Lets say, 8 hours a day at 200 watts. 216$ / ((2/3) * (1/3)). 48$.


48$ a month? are you daft? you are forgetting about your refrigerator, lighting, televsion/other electronics? your crazy


2000 gallons is also a lot less than you think it is. its about 2 gallons per minute in a shower (sauce: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_gallons_of_water_does_that_average_shower_use) so if you take a 20 minute shower, thats 40 gallons. a flush of a toilet wastes 2-4 gallons of water. so if you go to the bathroom 5 times a day, thats another 10-20 gallons. another 1-2 gallons of water brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth twice a day thats another 2-4 gallons. In total thats 51-64 gallons a day. Not including washing the dishes/washing your hands/ using water for anything else at all.  Lets assume we use another 10-20 gallons doing those things. Thats 60-80 gallons a day. This is assuming you NEVER have anyone else over that might want to use the bathroom, or have a drink of water.


Tuna + crackers + cheese + sauce. 1.15$. Thats one meal.

4 eggs + tortilla. 2.25$. Thats another meal.

Fruits. No more than 1.5$ a pound. (For most anyways.)

Beans. I don't remember too well for this, but no more than 50c for a meal of these, assuming you cook them.

Ramen. 10c.

Rice. Cheap, but no details.


for all intents and purposes, if you define a meal as having all the nutrients you need, none of these qualify as a meal. For your information, beans can cost from 33c-50c per can (yeah pretty cheap). Rice can cost ~ 1 dollar per pound (again cheep).


you also didn't mention gas/heating. and "You can live in a warm environment!" is a cop out. While you can live without air conditioning, in any place but the south heat is pretty much a must.


do you actually live alone or pay bills?

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also water/electricity used to wash clothes. Or alternatively spend lots of $$ at some laundromat (which I assure you will probably actually cost you more in the end...).  And that breakdown of water consumption can be multiplied by # of people in house... yeah...2k gallons of water go by pretty quick. No offense Pug but it don't sound to me like you have much experience having to write the checks, lol...


and gas, yep, there's another cost for a lot of people.  Lot of places use gas AND electricity.  I pay for both :/  oh and let's not forget if you are unfortunate enough to live in an area that charge you property/asset taxes.  Like here where I live, I get to pay luxury taxes on my shit. Yeah that monopoly card is indeed based off real life :P

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Oh and by the way, life has more expenses than water, food, shelter, and electricity. You also need clothes, need to fix stuff, keep yourself clean, health/life insurance. home insurance if you want that. medicine if you need it. cable and internet if you want it.


In New York City, a homeless person can average MORE than minimum wage just begging. You MAY be able to scrape by, if you are very lucky, on minimum wage in a suburban town, but forget about it if you live in a city, or urban environment

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I actually eat about a $1.50 a day, So I spend around $40/month on food. You might say no way?? wrong.


I've tuned it to fine art using mathematics. For example, I can get a loaf of bread for $1, in that loaf there is typicall 20 slices that 0.05 a slice. A cartoon of eggs (12 eggs) is $2.  So when I wake up, I can have an egg and toast with butter. It will cost me probably approx 22 cents. 


I also buy those huge bags of pasta macrorani stuff, boil of a batch, this cost me like 20 cents, and fill my stomach all day, I just put butter in it with powered morazla cheese. The cheese thing cost $4.

I also eat rice sometimes, I buy the 20LB bags, these cost like 20 bucks, it probably will last me the whole year.

I can buy a deck of Diamond sliced cheese for $4, there is about 22 slices in a pack so that maby 12 cents a slice, put make a grilled cheese sandwich, 2 slices of bread, + slice of cheese,  = 22 cents.




The biggest expense is meat, I've have been experimenting different ways to get meat into my diet without blowing over my budget while still getting enough protein. This is what I figured out, I buy a frozen 30LB turkey, then rip it up and stuff into bags and put it into the freezer, It will last me 2 months. The turkey costs like $38.99 or something from local turkey farm around here, so that $20/month for meat. The other 20 I'm eating pasta, eggs, bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, rice, basically your really cheap stuff that costs cents but has good calorie intake.  I also drink coffee.  I've been eating like this for awhile now, or so a few month, why I decided to change my diet like this was save money, and save money I have. Now I am completly used to it.



See the 'reason' why most people have to spend huge bucks on food is becuase you want to spend $10 at starbucks and have pizza pockets, all these fancy packages stuff and $10 steaks for supper. While yeah, your going to spending several a month on food then. 



So yeah now dont go telling your government you can live this cheap, they will rise our taxes. ;D


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