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Browsers or Tabs?


Browsers or Tab  

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Now if only MS made their compatibility mode do IE6 also




You can get this result by playing with the rendering option in IE8's web development window.


I'm a FF guy myself.  Despite the improvements IE has made in the recent years, it still takes forever and a day to start, and just feels clunky, like it's held together with chewing gum and bailing wire.


Chrome is nice, but I want better extension/add-on support before considering making the move.  I'm also not a fan of its UI.  I just think its anglular tabs look ugly and take too much room.


I love FF because of how customizable it is.  I'm currently rocking a good-looking minimalist UI that keeps my viewing space nice and large.  Despite that, information like local weather, just about everything you'd want to know about a site (FireBug), and my Twitter feed are all available to me with a mouseover or single click of a status bar icon.  Once they add Chrome-like transparency and a Chrome-inspired Stop/Refresh combo button, it'll have the nicest look of all the browsers.  And good looks are VERY important to me given how long I stare at the thing.

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