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I am creating a login on my new website(bidrefer.com). The structure of my website is as follows. The main.php is where the layout is put together. So, in main.php file require( content.php) is called to add Header.inc, Footer.inc and Content which is stored in folder Module(to see main.php go http://bidrefer.com/main.inc).
In this case of login, the content(login form) is added by pointing www.bidrefer.com\main.php?name=Login in browser and the main.php broke the url appart, create $path=www.bidrefer.com\Module\Login\index.php and call require($path).
Why I am telling all this?
Because when I submit Login form, $_POST or $REQUEST return blank. It seems like the globals are emtied before require() added the procesing file - procLogin.php in the main.php file. You may find:
-Login form index.php at http://www.bidrefer.com/Module/Login/index.inc
-Procesing file procLogin.php at http://www.bidrefer.com/Module/Login/procLogin.inc

At the same time to see what happens go to bidrefer.com clicking on 'Log in' link.
Any help are appreciated.
Thank You.

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