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Zend_Form date box

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I am trying to add a date picker box to my form.  Does anybody know how to do this?


	$this->setMethod( 'post' );
	$this->setAttrib( 'id', 'admin_form_page' );
	$this->setAttrib('enctype', 'multipart/form-data');
	$elements['id'] = $this->createElement( 'hidden', 'id' );
	$elements['created'] = $this->createElement( 'hidden', 'created' );

		$elements['title'] = $this->createElement( 'text', 'title' )->setLabel('Title:');
	$elements['announce_pub'] = $this->createElement( 'select', 'announce_pub' )
		->setMultiOptions(array('announcement'=>'Announcement', 'publication'=>'Publication')); 		
	$elements['link'] = $this->createElement( 'select', 'link' )
		->setMultiOptions(array('' => '', 'Url'=>'Url', 'PDF'=>'PDF'));

	$elements['url'] = $this->createElement( 'text', 'url' )->setLabel('Url:');	
	$elements['pdf'] = $this->createElement( 'file', 'pdf' )->setLabel('PDF:');

	$elements['date'] = $this->createElement( 'text', 'date' )->setLabel('Date:');


Thanks in advance.

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