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Dreamweaver is inserting it's own code

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Has anyone come across this curious problem with Dreamweaver before?


I have version 6.0 and it's been working perfectly up until yesterday when it suddenly decided to start inserting it's own tags into my code. The tags it's inserting are: mmTranslatedValueHiliteColor and mmTranslatedValueDynAttrs at the beginning of every <a> tag and sometimes it inserts one at the beginning of some table tags, but not all of them.


The curious thing is that it seems to do this conversion when it saves the file, but it doesn't show the changes in the window until you close and re-open it - very annoying as you don't know it's done this fiddle until it's too late.


I didn't change any preferences and I've looked through them, but can only see the code writing ones that might affect something like this. However, this was switched off. I tried switching it on and specifying .php as one of the extensions it shouldn't do it for, but it still does this re-writing.


Can anyone suggest how I could stop DW from doing this, please, as need to stop it doing this before I continue?




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It does the same thing to me but I'm not sure how to fix it. I normaly just do all the coding in Dreamweaver and then open Notepad and delete the extra useless tag that Dreamweaver puts in.

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