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Hi, just starting with cakephp, so far so good, I am starting a website, with cakephp framework. everything worked locally,

started uploading to server yesterday, and could not move an inch from yesterday.


tried all little tweaks in php.ini, to debug but of no use.


initially the problem started with ioncube loaders, resolved that, and then php.ini issues, resolved that, and fatal errors with php, dont know what I changed, fatal errors are replaced by blank page, now for any request to php, a blank page is displayed and no errors in the page source.


couldnot even run a simple php having phpinfo(), some one please help,

dont know how to debug php, and the display errors in php.ini worked locally but dont work in hosting (godaddy) environment.


I am totally lost, dont even know where to start again, again, please help.



will be lot helpful


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