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3D projections on buildings


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Is this being done on the buildings with some kind of a projector?, or with CG on a computer?

The people are walking around the building and note even reacting.. So I'm guessing no.


My understanding is that this is indeed being projected onto the building (by multiple projectors - which I guess is why it looks 3d). Not sure how you would expect them (viewers) to react.. given it is shot from a distance (and you can't see their faces), perhaps they are simply staring in awe?  :shrug:  Or perhaps many of these people have seen this projection system in action for a while now (all coolness looses it's novelty eventually).


Still neat though. This is the same stuff they do movies right to make the cool effects. But nothing like the old movies.

Its alot cheaper to blow up a building in CG, then to actually fill a building up with explosives and blow it for your real, like the 80's movies! :D


Well, it appears like nuFromer is testing these things for marketability purposes (I can just imagine big logos and crap interacting with the structure in one way or another). Afterall, these projectors are not simply slapped on... the system is customized to each building (I suspect this involves perhaps 3d scanning the entire structure in question, and strategically placing those multiple projectors to have them each do whatever tasks they need to do in order to accomplish this?). I'm no expert in this sort of thing, but I would love to see this in action for real.

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I think its just CG being done a computer with a video.


Hmm.. from the video on their actual site, (as Mchl points out) it looks like things are being projected onto the structures (it doesn't appear to be video effects trickery - granted, hollywood is certainly capable of achieving these as bluffed effects overlayed ontop of regular video footage, but I think this is the real thing).

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Well actually nothing from a video can be convincing, becuase of CG. Question anything you see in a picture or video. If this is indeed real, then you will also have to question anything you see in real life. :suicide:  With this kind of technology it would be possible to even recreate you robbing a store as a survilicance footage then frame you.  Imagine in that.


But I did look at the other video, it does look more convincing.  ;)

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