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Quite a few to share, not sure if i should post a new thread for each one...


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I never knew this site did reviews; i've been releasing websites like normal people change underwear, and only getting feedback from design forums, which doesn't say anything for the developer side. I only came here when i got stuck on something in PHP (which doesn't happen very often), so in the meantime i've created a LOT of websites.


I'm just going to post of few of them here all at once, and if it is a problem, then just let me know and i will make a separate thread for each website. For the record, i (my company) OWN these websites, except for 1 of them, where i am (my company is) the developer, designer, SEO company, administrator, and webmaster (everything but the owner ;)):


All of these websites use my company's information management systems. I have SEVERAL in development, and a few of them are about to be ready for business (customers to lease). I wrote EVERY single line of code, and EVERY single SQL statement, EVERY single line of xhtml and css, all by hand, with Gedit. None of the systems that my websites use are anything that you can get from the internet (not even after i release them).


WCMS is the acronym for my Website Content Management System.

UFMS is the acronym for my User Forum Management System.

BIMS is the acronym for my Business Information Management System.

UAMS is the acronym for the central User Account Management System.


There are more, but i'm not mentioning them right now, because they're not far enough along to be used on any of my websites:


Ionisis: web design company, seo company, information management systems is my company's website and it uses the WCMS and UAMS and a couple other smaller systems.


Linux Intro: Linux Lessons, Videos, Forums, and Tutorials is where i (or anyone who is interested) can publish articles about Linux, using the WCMS, UFMS, UAMS, and a couple other systems.


The Online Personal Organizer and Free Personal Information Organizer is an online organizer that is also mobile accessible. Lol, i always forget to update the mobile version when i change the backend, so half the time the mobile version doesn't work. It also has a firefox plugin.


Violent Work of Art: Industrial Metal is a band from sweeden who i developed a website for which runs off many of my beta systems, and i am also the webmaster.


Ok, i've got like 6 more websites that i did recently (i work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no, i'm not exaggerating), but i think that this is enough for one post. Let me know what you guys think. Oh, and they all run off Fedora/PHP/MySQL/Apache :D.

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