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Solved (but dont ask) Session Help - Should be easy

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Imagine that the user logs in with username and password and this is checked for validity in 'check_user.php'.  Once vaildated this file stores the data in $_SESSION['user']=$username and redirects the user back to the referring page.

If the session in set/registered the referring page now displays the users shopping cart. and log on message " You are logged in as $SESSION['user'];

With me so far.

This all works...wey hey.

But when I refresh this page or navigate to another....gues what happens.

NO they arent asked to log in again....but the displayed username (the session var) changes from the username to "0"


I can post code but as there is a lot I wondered if anyone has had a similar issue first or can give me some poinetsr to check.

session_start() is included in all files.
why would it change on a page refresh?



When validated an include 'shopping

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Well I don't know exactly what happened....but

I fixed it.  I renamed all the session vars and that cleared up my issue.  Apparently something to do with session value leakage in var names.

dont ask


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