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Anyone have a script that will generate a youtube like thumbnail?

bill gates

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I am looking for any script that might generate a thumbnail from a youtube video, but not just a simple frame like the  img.youtube.com/vi/.../default.jpg BUT INCLUDING the youtube command bar and big round play image in the image. Basically a thumbnail of the WHOLE object just as it is rendered on the page, not just a thumb of a frame...



Does anyone have anything like this? I have searched google but could not find anything :(

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Those things dont exist on the image, there overlayed on the image by CSS, or is a object in the flash player.

You could do that yourself also, (The css anyways)



or  Get Asido, then grab the thumbnail from youtube, and overlay a tranparent png image on top of the thumbnail that looks like what you describe,


Asido::copy($image,'/path/to/image/', 0, 0);


My avatar is actually 2 image combined over with Asido with that command.

The black box around it, was transparent and overlayed on the avatar.



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