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PHP, Windows 2003 SP1 problems (white screen)

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Hi there,

I have a webserver running PHP & 2003 SP1 with no issues.  Its hardware is outdated, so I'm bringing up a new server, and I'm just having a horrible time getting PHP working on this new machine.

I've gone through many iterations of trying CGI and ISAPI, and at times things have almost seemed to work, but I'm stuck right now with this problem:

Whenever I try to load http://localhost:8081/test.php (which is a phpinfo() call), all I get is a white screen in the browser.

- I've tried putting my PHP.INI in the C:\WINDOWS folder, and in the C:\PHP folder.
- I've got the Web Service Extension property set up for PHP, pointed to php5isapi.dll.
- On the website I've created in the IIS manager, I've got the application configuration mappings for .PHP set to php5isapi.dll.
- I've got my C:\PHP folder in the system's path.

I'm at bit of a loss how to troubleshoot this further, and I've gone through all the documentation I could find quite a few times.  Any tips would be appreciated.


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it could be as simple as using short tags while the server is not configured for it... can the server serve html?

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