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Gettin' the hang of $_SESSION

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I've created a multi-page form that I want to have store information until the last page where it will then be entered in a DB.

The first page is a <form> that calls the second page upon submittal. 

The second page is a PHP script that validates the data then displays a java file-upload applet.  The java applet calls it's own PHP script (which I've modified for my needs).  This second page can successfully echo test variables from the $_SESSION array.  After uploading files, the user clicks a "Next" button, which is actually a submit button that loads the third and final page.

The third page will contain a confirmation number and will do three other things:  1) enter all variables into the DB, 2) email the user and the administrator, and 3) destroy the session. At this point, I am unable to echo any $_SESSION variables on the third page, but I AM able to echo them on the second page.

Do I have to do something special for the third page to acknowledge the session?  What am I missing here?

- Joe

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Are you including session_start() in that third page?  You'll need that in order to be able to access the $_SESSION variables.

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