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Images on top of images

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I asked the other day, and did not get the responce I want.

I have 3 images, I want to "Merge" Them

Image1 = Background
Image2 = Top of building
Image3 = People from top

I want to add image 2 and 3 into image 1 using PHP (NOT CSS)

So say Image1 is 50px X 50px
Image2 and Image3 is 10x10px

I want to place Image 2 onto image 1 at pixle location 20 20
and Image 3 onto Image 1 at pixle Location 40,40

Any Ideas what function can be used

I dont want someone to say check php.net for the GD lib functions
I done that, none mention this, but I know one does this. Cant remember what one?

Thanks all in advance

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Many Thanks

I think I got it


$flag = imagecreatefromjpeg('bground.jpg');
$mask = imagecreatefromjpeg('building.jpg');

imagealphablending($flag, 1);
imagealphablending($mask, 1);

imagecopy($flag, $mask, 10,10,0,0,25,43);

imagecopy($flag, $mask, 50,50,0,0,25,43);

imagecopy($flag, $mask, 150,50,0,0,25,43);

imagecopy($flag, $mask, 350,150,0,0,25,43);

imagecopy($flag, $mask, 450,450,0,0,25,43);

header("Content-type: image/jpeg");

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