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some PDFs show as garbage text in mozilla only.

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For referrence, I am running Windows XP SP2, FireFox, and Adobe Reader 7.08.

I have a very complex issue, and since I do not understand the inner workings of the Web, I am baffled.
Whenever I view some PDF files from links on my web server in Internet Explorer, all is well. The Adobe plugin works as it should and the PDF file displays within the browser.
The same cannot be said for FireFox. Some PDF files on my site work with the Adobe-plugin, others attempt to display as text and wind up looking like garbage. For those files that display with the Adobe-plugin properly, the title bar on FireFox shows the file type as application/pdf. When it displays the PDFs as text, it does not show the file type in the title bar.
Even more strange - if I download the file and view it outside of FireFox with the Adobe Reader program, then I go back into FireFox and attempt to view the PDF from the link using the Adobe-plugin, then the plugin will display the PDF file properly - [i]only[/i] after I have viewed the file external to Firefox.
Now, here is some more weird stuff - I have a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 on another computer and have loaded the same version of Adobe Reader and Firefox on that computer and the plugin works properly for all files on the site. Yet another computer from a friend of mine also displays the files properly. He has the same versions of Firefox and Adobe. I have two users of the web site who have Macs with FireFox though and they are having the same problem as me.

I am trying now to figure out if I have a problem with my PC, or with certain PDF files, or with the web server. Maybe someone else has seen this problem and can shed some light on the subject?

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Ive seen others in apache with PDF files and it cant really understand what they are that maybe your problem.

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