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Site-relative links in flash??

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Hey all, I'm a new dreamweaver user.


I've been updating my site and I had a question for whoever might have an answer. We have a poll and a counter on the main page of our website (hosted by ipowerweb). Since I'm using frames things get a little confusing. The top frame is always the same and has the menu buttons. I had to rename the main page that appears in the bottom fram as a .php in order for the counter and poll to work. Everything links fine except the menu button on the top frame that should take me to that same main page still goes to the old .htm page that I originally had instead of the new .php page. When I try to redirect that the link it says I can't b/c

the .php is a site-relative link. It says site-relative links will not work in flash movies (my menu buttons are flash) and it also says "please use either an absolute or a document-relative link"


I tried saving the .php page on top of the .htm page as an .htm file and now I get the page without the poll showing up.


So I don't know what to do. Should I rename

asend body.php to be ascend body.htm and just make the index file a .php? Or

is there another solution? Color me stumped!


If you need a link to my site it's ascend youth


P.S. I also have a problem getting my phpBB message board to stay on the bottom frame instead of taking over the whole page. I may start a new topic for that though, if I need to. Thanks

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