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determining the day and subtracting time?

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im writing a function for a program im working on... there are a few different things it will do:

1. get original price ($ofee) , and start date ($startdate) of a course
2. if the price is > $99, offer an "early bird" price ($ofee - 20) if registered by 2 weeks prior ($startdate - 14 days)

-- im good up to this point --

3. if the class starts on a saturday or sunday, the "early bird" registration would need to be 15 or 16 days prior (on a friday) because office staff doesnt work weekends

my choices?
a) find what day (mon, tue, wed...) the class starts on, and act accordingly ($startdate - 15 or 16)
b) have something that will only allow weekdays to be displayed
c) ?

help me out please... im not that good with time manipulation. thanks a bunch.

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I use the echo just to check the script. But this should do it.
[code]$date = date();  //Need timestamp for other calculations
$today = date("Y-m-d", $date);  //formatted date
$daylast = date("D", $date);  // Get current day of the week
echo "Day of week: $daylast<br>";
if($daylast == "Sat"){
  $twoweek = strtotime("$today - 15 days");
} else {
  if($daylast == "Sun"){
    $twoweek = strtotime("$today - 16 days");
  } else {
    $twoweek = strtotime("$today - 14 days");
$twoweeks = date("Y-m-d", $twoweek);  //Formatted date of 2 weeks ago
echo "Two Weeks: $twoweeks<br>";
$daylast = date("D", $twoweek);  //Just to check if correct can be removed
echo "Day of week: $daylast<br>";[/code]


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