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Getting info from a database by week...

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I want to get all records from a mySQL database that have a date for this week (starting on Sunday)..

I can get the day of the week (today is Wed...) by doing this: date("w");

so how can I subtract this many days (3) from today's date to get the start? and then add 6 to that date to get the end.. for example:

this is todays date: 08/23/2006

I want to make a dymanic sql statement like this for THIS week (and then whatever week after that).

$mySQL = "SELECT * FROM thistable WHERE thisdate IS BETWEEN ".$firstDate." AND ".$lastDate;

Where first date would be this sunday (08/20/2006) and the last date would be this saturday (08/26/2006)

I can't seem to find code to add and subtract from the current date :(

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$d = "08/23/2006";
$t = strtotime($d);
$dow = date('w', $t);
$d1 = strtotime ("-$dow days", $t);
$d2 = strtotime ("+6 days", $d1);

$firstdate = date ('Y-m-d', $d1);
$lastdate = date ('Y-m-d', $d2);

echo $firstdate, ' ', $lastdate;

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