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feed script was working, but has stopped, please take a look

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i have a humor site (http://humorgalaxy.com) that feeds from the amazon database, it's been working for over a year, suddenly it's stopped working, i'm getting this error:

PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\hgchartsscript.php on line 109

but line 109 is just a bracket, since the script stops the rest of the page even normal HTML elements aren't loading. here's that part of the code

[code]function foo()
  global $link;
  include_once $link;

(the last bracket is line 109)

i've tried reuploading a fresh version of the php script and the html page again but still the same thing happens

any ideas? would be appreciated!

big thanks


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that error means your script is timing out. you can either a) go and edit your settings in php.ini to increase the timeout time, or b) more likely scenario is what ^ mentioned: maybe amazon changed something so it's not getting what it needs from amazon.

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thanks for the feedback, i solved the problem, something to do with a corrupted xlm cache i created a new cache file and redirected the script to use it instead and it worked! hurray!!!

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