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Display proper time with date(). Minus 2 hours from server time sitewide.

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I have a rather large project written, taking in about 200 pages.  Everything was working peachily. 
Then I switched hosts to be on a faster server, but the new server is in a different time zone than my old one.  All my date() commands change to the next day at 10:00 PM, 2 hours ahead of schedule. Sadly, I didn't take this into account when I coded these pages or I could have put in a var that I could set and they'd all be updated.

Is there a way I can subtract 2 hours from the server time sitewide?  Or do I have to go though each page and strtotime("-2 hours") each one?  Or is there another way to do this?

Thanks much!


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The solution I used depended on:
1. all calls for a timestamp were to the date(..) function.
2. there were no other calls that looked like the date(..) pattern
3. I had an INCLUDE file that was included in all routines

What I did was:
1. a global change of my routines and changed all date(..) calls to my_date(..)
2. in the INCLUDE file I added the following routine (you'll have to change it to suit your needs).
First parm is display pattern, second one is offset to GMT (thanks to cHuAyW2o0o)

function my_date($pattern, $offset) {
// $offset = "2";// Hour for offset to GMT time zone goes here e.g. +7 or -4
  return gmdate($pattern, time()+($offset * 3600));
echo "Your current time now is : ". my_date("m/d/Y g:i:s A", 2);
?> [/code]

Hope this gets you on your way!

Ronald   8)

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HaHa!!  That is perfect!

Thank you so much for the excellent response.  My scripts meet all the criteria you listed and the solution worked flawlessly.  And so easy to update if I ever change hosts again.

Thanks Ron


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The good thing is: you don't have to change this when you change hosts! It uses an offset to the standard GMT time and that never changes (probably).

Ronald  8)

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