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processing numbered values from forms and assigning them descriptions in mails

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I 'm relitively new to php but am making good progress on my first project. I am currently writing some code to proccess a number of existing forms. The php script had to be self contained and I can not alter the existing forms. I am able to write all the cotent very easily using:

$msg.="\nAddress: ".$_POST['address']; for example

however the form includes a dropdown menu and unfortunatly the person who design the forms included only numbers for the values rather than copying the descriptive names..... for example

option 1 in the drop down (named howreach) is:

label = 'Browsing the internet' value = '1'

so all my php script sees is '1' so...

if I write:

$msg.="\nWhere you found us: ".$_POST['howreach'];

the mail will show .... Where you found us: 1

Shows '1' rather than 'Browsing the internet'......

So, how can I write out or assign descriptions to the values 1-10 coming from my dropdown menu????



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