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Is this a compatibility problem?

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Hi i currently created a site in php 5 and am using a php 4 server. Everything works fine except one thing. I have set a form in my script to delete an order. When i process this form I have set as action 'processOrder2.php' and the following script in this file:

require_once '../../library/config.php';
        $sql2 = "delete from tbl_order where od_id='$orderId'";
        $result = @mysql_query($sql2);

        header('Location: ' . WEB_ROOT . 'adminbackdoor/order/index.php');

On my server using php 5 this deletes the order and directs me back to the order page but on the server using php 4 this just opens as 'adminbackdoor/order/ProcessOrder2.php' and i receive a page cannot be found message. Is the header part not compatible with php4. Any advise on this will be cool.

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first of all check the od_id for sql injection. the problem can be because of the WEB_ROOT. But also it can be about the header function too. You cant set a header if the page's output is started. And also try adding an http:// before web_root .

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