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Zend Framework SubDir Hostmonster Addon Domain


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Hello all,


I have my completed site done in zend framework. Everything works fine locally.  It is a very basic installation.


I have an account with hostmonster where I can have unlimited addon domains that point to subdirectories/subdomains.  I dragged my entire contents of the zend installation to the subdir and added a .htaccess snippet to make the pointed domain look in the public folder for the zend installation (index.php).

I got the rewrite code from here: http://helpdesk.hostmonster.com/index.php/kb/article/347 .


I went to the domain and all that showed was the index page for my main controller (home page).  This page didn't include any of my styling from the web folder or images.  I checked the source and the layout showed as expected.  Also, when I tried to go to any other page I received a 404 error.


It seems that not everything is getting routed correctly.  I can only get to the root domain page (home). And no content from the web folder is showing.  I am not terribly familiar with htaccess and servers.


Has anyone installed zend on a addon domain or subdirectory before?  Any ideas????


Thanks in advance.

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