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Sending data to multiple pages

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Why has this question been asked so many times lately?  This is the third or fourth time I've seen it in the same number of days.

Anyway, no.  Why do you want to send to multiple pages?  Create one page that does all of your processing.  If you need to send data to another page, for payment information or some such, use cURL (http://www.php.net/curl) or sockets (http://www.php.net/fsockopen).

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You could create an object which gets past an array of pages you want it to go to, and the data you want to send. Then you would serialize the object and store it in a $_SESSION variable. At the end of each page, you would put a quick check to see if the $_SESSION variable is empty, if not call a method in your object which pops the next page off the array and sends itself along to the next page (taking the data with it). When nothiing is left in the array, empty out the session variable.

Clunky, but works.


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