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php mail() alternatives?


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Are there any alternatives? Well that may be poor logic of thinking on my part.

My hosting provider and many others like it have a limit on max outbound messages per hour/day sent. When the max is reached then they shut if off til the next cycle in my case on the hour every hour. I can't afford a dedicated server right now or a VPS server right now, its just not in the budget..


So what I want to do is put my own mail server together. Which that I have done before, I got the stuff I need to do it, to run it, to maintain it and all else.


However from my understanding at the moment at least is despite setting a mail server up. Pointing the MX records to where they need to go and all else. if I use the mail() function. I am still going through my host's email server.


So what I want to know over all is. Is there a way with the use of PHP to Port to my own 3rd party email server to use the outbound there or am I stuck where I am. I would put my own web server together and host everything that way. But I don't have the bandwidth for that.

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Ok, I am still a bit confused about this, but I don't proclaim to be an expert either by reading up on what I have thus far. Pear::Mail is a mail server, or am I just mis-understanding this a bit? Also, is Pear something I can port a script or something to/from, from my web host where my web site resides. To an 3rd party mail server? Unless Pear is the Mailserver like I am assuming right now, then is it possible to port into it from a 3rd party web server?

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