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how do I use something like ?action=add


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Hi there,


I am setting up a simple events system which will allow me to add events to my website.


I have a page called events.php, but wanted to set it up so when I add an event, the page is something like: events.php?action=add


How do I get the ?action=add part? Do I just insert my form on the events.php page?


Any help would be appriciated :)



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These are called "GET Requests".


To use them here is a simple template:


// isset() = check if a variable is set (isset). $_GET is an assosciation array (names of the variables with the values).

   echo("Page 1 <br />");
   echo("<a href='?action=page2'>Go to page 2</a>");

}elseif($_GET['action'] == "page2"){
  echo("Page 1");

  echo("Page doesnt exist");



Hope this helps,


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In addition, you should use switch() for the action, like



$action = isset($_GET['action']) === true ? $_GET['action'] : "";


// case matches action
    case 'foo':
        echo "foo";

   break; // exit switch were done

     case 'bar':
        echo "bar";

    // defaults here if action does not exist, you can use this to your advantage to just throw an error 
    header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");       
     $action = htmlentities($action);
    exit("Action ( {$action} ) undefined.");


You can copy that and save it as a PHP file and do this





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