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Cookie help **Strange One**


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I have a strange one here for you (well its strange to me). When I am setting cookies in my script they work 100% fine for me in firefox but any other browser (ie, chrome etc) they simply wont register for me.


My code:

<?php setcookie("TestCookie", $value, time()+3600); ?>


Any ideas?

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cookies are enables because if I set the expire time to 0 instead of say time()+3600 then it works like a charm.

Perhaps the browser is set to only accept session cookies? These are cookies that expire when the session (e.g. tab or browser) is closed. And an expire time of zero is how a session cookie is set.


Security software (e.g. Zone Alarm) can also be set to munch cookies. If you're using security software, make sure that's not configured to munch cookies.


I once had a problem with Internet Explorer 6, where it was fine if I was setting one cookie but couldn't deal with two differently named cookies set by the same page. I doubt any modern browser is as hopeless as IE6 was, but perhaps its worth testing if you get desperate.


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