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DVD burning / cloning?


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Copying the DVD is last your worries, burning it is also a art of mystery,  :D

Last night I tried to burn The Matrix (.avi) to a DVD, but couldn't find anything usefull, the whole Google Search results are full of spam and shady software I wouldn't trust with a 10 feet pole, I found NERO but it wasn't free.  I found one other called , DVDFlick that was recommend by some forum post I came across, but it didn't work, the dvd player "No valid disk". After an 1 1/2 hours,

I just ended up moving my computer close to my  widescreen tv and hooked it up with a 6 foot S-video cable and watch it off the computer ending my frustration. :P


Honestly I am not even going to even bother with that medium anymore, going buy a 20Feet s-video cord to hook up my tv. Beats the frustration. I suggest the same. So convert those DVD to .avi's and skip the burning bullshit.

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Nero will burn DVD's but its not free. Have you heard of DVDdycrypter?  I remember it can rip DVD's to Image Roms  and burn the roms to DVD's. Buts its illegal software becuase it circumvents DRM. You can't download it anywhere, you have to *find it.* ::)


Edit: Your in Luck, just Google "dvd decrypter" there is a mirror hosting it.  The site must be hosted in one those offshore servers.

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Like to change my statement to dvddrypter being 'grey area' software, according the wiki article a Supreme Judge in the U.S declared it illegal. It might be illegal to own it if you live in United States. The site hosting it is on a U.K server. You gotta love that DRM  crap.

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