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The Matrix 2 and 3 were..


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I know this trilogy is a few years old, but I watched The matrix, Matrix reloaded, and Matrix revolutions 2 nights ago, I was thinking about it. The Matrix 2 and 3 were crap. Were all understanding here of programming methodology right? Well thats were the crap shines threw in #2 and #3, its just doens't make any sense some of the things that happened in that movie from a programming stand point. I think the crap came from when they put oracle and this other nonsense into the movie. For example in Revelotions how does a train station with a train man make any fucking sense serilsy? Why would program have a kid and a wife?  ::)


Also  how does Neo manage to see in #3 when his eyes are gone? Thats not realistic, unless their implying that the real world in also a matrix, that would mean the The Matrix is an emedded world inside another matrix, which might imply recursion. Anyways I can't really describe here in words without making this a TLDR, but #2 and #3 were bullocks from a programming methodology point of view. #1 was good, that actually made sense. For example everything in the matrix could be written in OOP, just tons of objects extending other objects, with the basic rules of gravity. Thats why #1 made sense for me and I liked it, #2 and #3 didn't do it for me, also that oracle women really made just want to punch her the face, they only thing she said "Is why and why this, why? You know the answer, its not about choice its about why? Spare me!, That got to be the worse proverbial dribble  I have had to endure!. haha  :P

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it always makes me loll when someone bitches about sci-fi not being realistic/believable (enough).


Exactly! I mean seriously!


I personally liked the whole trilogy. I just hate the freakin 15 minute orgy scene in the second one, seriously wtf was the point of that? But I love the car scenes, that was pretty sweet on the interstate.

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My god, is this post serious!

For example everything in the matrix could be written in OOP, just tons of objects extending other objects, with the basic rules of gravity.

What the hell! It is a film man, nothing to do with programming. I think you should separate life and daily activities like going to the movies or gym, or reading a book away from computers and programming code. Seriously.

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