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updating records, need submit help

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I am trying to figure out how to update multiple records (on an online administration page) from a repeating region. Here is an example that would be perfect, but I can't figure out how to submit the changes:



Description: The DB is 1 table of beer names with other fields for descriptions (the other fields aren't really used here). The color columns relate to 4 different pubs (bars). I want the administrator to simply be able to check (checkbox) which pubs the beer is currently available at. Currently it seems to be set up correctly. The checkboxes come up filled if the current feild is true. (-1) or unchecked if false (0).

I just need to know how to submit all the data changes. Each of the checkboxes is a seperate little form., dynamicly repeated. Maybe that is a problem? Maybe even if I had to have a submit button for each record on that page or something, but I hope not. I'm hoping I can make all the changes with the checkboxes, then hit a submit button.



Using the master/detail behavior, I am able to set up a master page that lists all the beers. I can make each beer name a link to the detail page. I know how to modify the detail page to be an "update" page with a submit button, using the primary key from the master page. I have a book that shows me how to set this up but it seems too time consuming to have link to an update (detail) page in this way.




I do not know PHP or mySQL (yet). I am simply using a book and Dreamweaver MX 2004. I seem to be close to what I am trying to do. :) ??


By the way, here is a link to a master/detail page that I was testing. It doesn't do anything though:



Thanks for any help!


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