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LAMP Not lighting up my world

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I have a Windows 2000 server run network. I am using a Windows xp machine running Dreamweaver MX 2004. I have a SuSe server on the network (not in the same workgroup) running apache/ MySQL/ and PHP.



Step one im afraid..... When I go to define a new site in DWMX2004 i am having problems entering the testing servers URL Prefix.

I can not put in the name of the machine as in http://name/Rootfolder because the only DNS running in the network is on the Active Directory

server, and the linux bo is not talking to that, so it doesn't know about

it. And i have tried using the internal IP for the linux machine with the port address which the router uses to reroute to the linux machine http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx/RootFolder and that doesnt work either.


Now when i say the later doesnt work it does allow syncroisation between my local folder and the server but when i go to preview pages (F12) it gives me an apache 404. I could go on and on about the details so questions anyone or preferaby answers anyone??


Im driving myself mad here ive just gotten past a samba and MySQL minefield (i hope) and I thought my old friend Dreamweaver would be nice to me ........


Any ideas? Anything at all might help!



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I can't be much help here except ask are you able to view your site thorugh your browser using either name or IP? Can you navigate to any files? Other than checking to insure apache is using the correct servername and your host file has the correct entries, I'm out of ideas there.


I'm having another issue with dreamweaver and SAMBA that maybe someone can help with.


If I connect to my share where my site is using Windows explorer, I can make all the edits I want to any file without any problems. If I connect to the share through Dreamweaver, I can view fine. When I edit a file and then try to save that file, I receive "access denied".


No here's the really messed up thing. After I receive the error above, I can download or view the file through Explorer, and the file has INDEED BEEN EDITED. For some unknown reason, Dreamweaver thinks that it was denied, but it really wasn't...err something...


This has worked quite well in the past and only started once I changed the share path to an abosolute path as opposed to using a sym link to get me there. The permissions are for everything there are set the way they should be and probably a bit too open from a security stand point.



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