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Anyone know of any good PHP IDEs? Something perhaps with autocomplete, perhaps parameter information for functions, ability to view the documentation for a given function easily, etc. By autocomplete, I mean more that when you start typing a name of a variable or function, it could give a list of possible completions for it, and you could maybe just press enter on the one you want to have it complete it.

I've been using Visual Studio for a while for C# development, and now I'd like to find some of that functionality in a PHP IDE. Something free preferably. :)

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This has been asked many times before. Please use the forums search facility to search for PHP Editors you'll get plenty of results.

For now I'll direct you to two free IDEs I know of PHP Designer 2006 and PHP Eclipse. All with the features your are reusting.

Or go for one of the top of range IDEs for PHP and thats ZendStudo which is not free.

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