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Quick Windows Uninstall


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I work for a PC Repair company and while doing setups have to uninstall mass amounts of crapware. We currently have software to uninstall it in bulk but it still requires me to hit OK and next and all that jazz like a normal uninstall. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a quicker way to uninstall 20+ programs at once just by selecting the ones I want to remove at the beginning of the process and letting the software do the rest.

If not its obviously not a big deal. I'm just trying to be lazy. I'd need to get supervisor permission on the software but if it works I imagine that'd be no problem.

Thanks in advance. I'll keep searching myself as well.

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I had already Googled it, hence why at the end I said "I will KEEP searching".

The descriptions don't make it clear with ones I had looked at whether you would still be prompted or not. I have a program already that bath removes them but you are prompted by each one with "are you sure?" and "restart now or later" and I'm looking for one that will not use MSI in order to bypass these prompts. I was searching for people with experience with a program like that.

I'd love to install Linux as well but, since these are client computers, that's not an option.

I had heard of a version of Ubuntu being made recently that looks just like XP and thought it'd be fun to install that but it'd come back fast to bite me. Anyway, I digress.

Anyone with experience with batch removal software that doesn't use MSI?

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If something is installed using MSI, chances are it will have to be uninstalled in the same way.  You should be able to accomplish a quiet uninstall with MSI actually.  Have you looked at the msiexec docs?  (Just running msiexec with no params shows flags.)


As for programs that are not installed with an MSI installer, for those you will have to magically know where the uninstaller is.

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