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Calendar function with links

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Hi Folks. Wondering if any one can help me out here.

I've done a tutorial posted on the Adobe Developer center to build a simple calendar that will 'link' the days that have events to those events. Catch my drift (kinda tired...)? I have gone over the code so many times and even  copy/pasted the code from the examples provided from MacroDobia. Basically, I have a recordset that gets all the dates (in MySQL format) for the events (named getEvtDates) and dumps them into an array (see below $dates). I know that the recordset is working and the array is being created (simply with print_r($dates); ) but I still don't have any links in my calendar. Anyone have some time to help me out? It's pretty frustrating...
P.S. I am using Dreamweaver to generate most of my code (which I am really good about reading and modifying).

Here's the code with some comments...

function build_calendar($month,$year,$day) {
/* Declaring the variables */
$daysOfWeek = array('Su','Mo','Tu','We','Th','Fr','Sa');
$firstDayOfMonth = mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year);
$noDays = date('t',$firstDayOfMonth);
$dateComponents = getdate($firstDayOfMonth);
$dayOfWeek = $dateComponents['wday'];
$monthName = date('F',mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year));

global $getEvtDates; //this is the name of the recordset
global $_GET;

if (mysql_num_rows($getEvtDates) > 0) {
while ($row_getEvtDates = mysql_fetch_assoc($getEvtDates)) {
$dates[] = $row_getEvtDates['event_date'];
/* Computing the previous month. */
if($month == 1) {
} else {

/* Computing the next month. */
if($month == 12) {
} else {

/* Calendar header: next and previous month links */
$calendar = "<table>";
$calendar .= "<tr><td><p><a href=get_days_events.php?y=$yn&m=$mn&d=$day>&lt;</a></p></td>";
$calendar .="<td colspan=5 align=center><p><strong>$monthName, $year</strong></p></td>";
$calendar .="<td><p><a href=get_days_events.php?y=$yn2&m=$mn2&d=$day>&gt;</a></p></td></tr>";
$calendar .="<tr>";

/* Calendar header: Display the days of the week */
foreach($daysOfWeek as $day) {
          $calendar .= "<td><p>$day</p></td>";
$calendar .= "</tr>";
$calendar .= "<tr>";

  $currentDay = 1;

  /* Fill in the beginning of the calendar body */   
  if ($dayOfWeek > 0) { 
    $calendar .= "<td  colspan='$dayOfWeek'>&nbsp;</td>"; 

  /* Generate the calendar body */
  while ($currentDay <= $noDays) {
                if ($dayOfWeek == 7) {
                    $dayOfWeek = 0;
                    $calendar .= "</tr><tr>";
$date = $year."-".$month."-".$currentDay; //here's where the trouble might start
if (in_array($date,$dates)) {
                  $calendar .= "<td><p><a href='get_days_events.php?y=$year&m=$month&d=$currentDay'>$currentDay</a></p></td>";
  } else {
  $calendar .= "<td><p>$currentDay</p></td>";
/* Filling in the end of the calendar body */
if ($dayOfWeek != 7) { 
          $remainingDays = 7 - $dayOfWeek;
          $calendar .= "<td colspan='$remainingDays'>&nbsp;</td>"; 
  $calendar .= "</table>";
return $calendar;
if (isset($_GET['m']) && isset($_GET['y']) && isset($_GET['d'])){
$month = $_GET['m'];
$year = $_GET['y'];
$day = $_GET['d'];
} else {
$dateComponents = getdate();
$month = $dateComponents['mon'];
$year = $dateComponents['year'];
$day = $dateComponents['mday'];

echo build_calendar($month,$year,$day);


I know it will be difficult to test this out since you do not have records to play with. But hopefully some one can notice what I am missing. CHEERS (and goodnight!)

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