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Converting Database info into static pages that update every so often.

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I have a website that record various team records and conference standings, that I don't wan't to have to recompute every time someone requests a page. I also don't want to have columns in my table for wins losses etc, becuase if a game gets edited all of those columns will need to as well.  The best solution would be to have static pages that are computed every so often.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Thanks.

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well one way could be to make a php admin opage where you choose to calculate/update and then it deletes or archives the current file and then writes a new html file based on the data u give it. therefore you can output to .htm files and not have any querys run at all and update at your wish..

another way could be to run a query everytime a user accesses the page to check the creation date of the file and update when it is out of date..


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