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Building extension dlls

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I am trying to do custom extension dll, but i am stuck at:



Microsoft Visual C++


Unhandled exception in php.exe (PHP4TS.DLL): 0xC0000005: Access Violation.





Version used: 4.3.7, windows binarys and sources distributed from php site


What i have done till now;

- built my php4ts.lib

- created my win32 dll project

- done all the macro stuff

- used php.exe (from binary distribution) as loader and declared my dll in php.ini

- php calls normaly my exported function

- after crash occured i allso used php4ts.lib provided by zipped binary destribution

- i am using release version with debug info included


Well nothing helps. PHP binarys are the same version as php sources, but i am stuck at this unhandled exception that pops out when i am calling zend_parse_parameters.



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I don't know why that happens. I got around it by parsing everything out myself, which was a nice, inflamed pain in the ass.


Have you tried building for 5.0.x? It doesn't seem to have that problem.

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