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Take Away Dates.

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Is it possible to take away two dates two be left with the difference between them to be displayed as a time (e.g) 2006,12,06 12:00 take away 2006,15,06 12:30

Would display the differnce as 3 days and 30 minutes?


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Yes, use the mktime function to turn the dates into unix timestamps...do the math (subtract one from the other) then use date() and mktime() to format the time difference however you need.


$MyDate = '2006-08-01 10:30:45';
$diff = time() - mktime(substr($MyDate,11,2),substr($MyDate,14,2),substr($MyDate,17,2),substr($MyDate,5,2), substr($MyDate,8,2), substr($MyDate,0,4));
$DaysGoneBy = ($diff/86400);

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