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LOGOUT does not work

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I have a little problem with logout in my script.
There is a small piece of code responsible for that.
[code]if ((isset($_GET['logout'])) && ($_GET['logout']==1)) {
And there is a link in the logged user interface with 'logout=1' in its URL.However, when I click this link, the user interface seems to stay. And it is only gone when I click it the second time. What might be the problem?
Thank you in advance!

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when you run those commands, it does not go into effect until the next time you run a script.  it will still be in effect for the rest of the script.  kinda like making a cookie.  you can't access it until after you go to some new page.  when i do a logout, i usually redirect to a new page, like the main page or something.

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