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Autologin to Hotmail account using PHP/SQL

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I am trying to write a PHP code that allows me to store my email address and pwssword in the database (e.g hotmail email address).
When I access the PHP page I just want to click on a link, that will retrieve my email address and password fill them in a login form exactly the same as the hotmail login page. My form has the same action URL hotmail has, ideally, this should work and logs me into hotmail.

However, everything works fine, but when I click on submit button to login to hotmail through the page I made, hotmail gives an error, "incorrect password."
By the way, I am not using any password encryption here.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be, is it the password encryption?
I searched online for something similar, but no results.


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so your in esance trying to bypass hotmail login screen intresting.

this can not be done as i have tried if you goto hotmail.com and save to the desktop then copy the code and then put it in a file.php of your own might work hint.

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