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making a blog system .. how to show users posts??

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i have a blog system, well i am seeing how hard it is to create one ... and i want to write a code to the file.. like an html layout.. and then echo the users blog posts... heres what i have ..

mkdir("blogs/" .$_SESSION[reguname]. "", 0700);

$ourFileName2 = "blogs/" .$_SESSION[reguname]. "/index.php";
$html2 = file_get_contents("");
$file2 = fopen($ourFileName2, "w+");
fwrite($file2, $html2);

that creates a directory for the users in the "blogs" folder.. and then it creates an index.php .. it has to be .php so i can echo the users post via "mysql_query" ..  but where it says "file_get_contents", would i use "file_put_contents" and in the quotes, put the code i want the page to have??

any ideas on creating the system?? am i on the right track??

**note: everything has a 2 after it, becuase i use the same thing..(with minor tweaks) to create a profile page for each user**

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