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I installed a php form script in my site a (contact form) It works but I get easily spammed because my visitors can submit the form without typing anything at all! can anyone here please edit the php code to not process the form if all the fields (username/email/subject) hasn't been filled yet?

Here's the script:


include "config.php";

$date="".$month."-".$day."-".$year.", ".$hour.":".$minute."";

$query="INSERT INTO logged_ips_contact_form (ip_id, ip, date) VALUES ('','$ip','$date')"; //Replace logged_ips_table with the name of the table where you installed IP Logger

$error="The following errors occured while processing your form input.<ul>";
$Message=preg_replace("/(\015\012)|(\015)|(\012)/","&nbsp;<br />", $Message);if($errors==1) echo $error;
$message="Subject: ".$Subject."
Username: ".$Username."
Email Address: ".$EmailAddress."
Message: ".$Message."
$message = stripslashes($message);
mail("EDITMYEMAIL@MYSITE.COM","Support Form",$message,"Support Page");

header("Refresh: 0;url=http://EDITMYSITE.COM");



function pt_register()
  $num_args = func_num_args();
  $vars = array();

  if ($num_args >= 2) {
      $method = strtoupper(func_get_arg(0));

      if (($method != 'SESSION') && ($method != 'GET') && ($method != 'POST') && ($method != 'SERVER') && ($method != 'COOKIE') && ($method != 'ENV')) {
          die('The first argument of pt_register must be one of the following: GET, POST, SESSION, SERVER, COOKIE, or ENV');

      $varname = "HTTP_{$method}_VARS";
      global ${$varname};

      for ($i = 1; $i < $num_args; $i++) {
          $parameter = func_get_arg($i);

          if (isset(${$varname}[$parameter])) {
              global $$parameter;
              $$parameter = ${$varname}[$parameter];


  } else {
      die('You must specify at least two arguments');



Sorry, I'm a php newbie :(

Any help would be very much appreciated,
Thank you!

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one example of something you could do is:
//in these lines:
$message = stripslashes($message);
mail("EDITMYEMAIL@MYSITE.COM","Support Form",$message,"Support Page");

$message = stripslashes($message);

if($message == ""){
exit("ERROR, form not sent because there was no message");

mail("EDITMYEMAIL@MYSITE.COM","Support Form",$message,"Support Page");


// this way, if they leave the message field blank, the form wont be sent. its a start, but there's a lot more that you could (should) do.


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