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running the script for a long time

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User writes a message, than it should be posted to 300-800 e-mails.

Firstly I-ve made message.html and mailer.php. User writes message in message.html, then clics submit, and than the script runs:

/*mailing...    mailing...*/
header("Location: .........");

But, unfortunately, in this case user has to wait for long time, before he'll be redirected.

How to let user go for another location, leaving the mailing script?

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one random solution: when the user clicks submit, put the message and sender and whatever other info in a "queue" in your database and have a seperate script go to your "queue" and grab the info (and delete it after it gets it) every minute or whatever using a cron job, and have that seperate script do the mail sending.  then you could redirect the user somewhere else instantly, or whatever. but there's probably a better solution.  i've never done mass mailer type scripts, so i don't know all the "tricks" to it.

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also while reading another thread i coincidentally came by this that might help you (and it looks better too):


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