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session_set_save_handler() problem

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  Please tell me how i can fix this. I am getting this error.

Warning: Wrong parameter count for session_set_save_handler() in /home/ephlox/public_html/accounts/include/misc/auth.inc.php on line 30

[b]My Code:[/b]

[b]session_functions.inc.php file, where i have written "sess_mysql_gc".[/b]

function sess_mysql_gc($max_lifetime)
        $old = time() - $max_lifetime;
        $result = mysql_query("DELETE FROM sessions WHERE UNIX_TIMESTAMP(t_stamp) < $old") or die(mysql_error());
        return TRUE;

Your help will be higly appreciated thanks.

Best Regards from,
Farrukh Hussain

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the function session_set_save_handler requires six parameters be passed to it.  You are only passing five.


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