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Fatal Error

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I can't connect to my database. I've been trying to figure about what the problem was for a fews days now. I am using phpMyAdmin and I'm pretty sure it's the latest version.

Warning: mysql_pconnect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'mysqladmin2.secureserver.net' (111) in /home/content/j/w/k/jwk811/html/register.php on line 7

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /home/content/j/w/k/jwk811/html/register.php on line 9

This is what comes up after a registry form submitted goes to this script. I haven't ever done this before and don't know if I'm doing it wrong. Do I just set up a script just like a regular php web page file? I'm pretty sure I've got all the compnets right because I'm using a script from a tutorial on this web site. Please help me if you can. I don't know what to do, I just can't give up, why do this have to be so hard?

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show us the code you're using -- it'll help to give a more educated answer....

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