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Updating extensions for DW PHP

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I have 2 questions. I posted it to the Macromedia site twice but have not received any replies. Hoping someone here knows the answer.


I purchased the DevNet Resource Kit #2 off the Macromedia site for the User Authorization code for PHP.


Is the code up to date for PHP v4+ ?


I would like to know before I spend to much more time trouble shooting. I am following the lessongs in the book Dreamweaver MX 2004 Web Application Recipes. Any page I apply the 'restrice user access' to becomes unavailable and I am redirected back to the login page.


I am finding out that the book (web aps) is already outdated but I am getting no response from the authors as to what I need to know to continue with it. I will post this for anyone else who might be having problems with the book.


If you are using PHP 4.3+, MySQL, WindowsXP:

Replace: session_register("MM_UserID");

With: $_SESSION['MM_UserID'] = mysql_result($LoginRS,0,'UserID');

OR, Depending on your site variables:

$_SESSION['UserID'] = mysql_result($LoginRS,0,'UserID');


It will not recognize anything assigned using the session_register. Took me all weekend to find that tidbit of info. Hope it saves someone else a bit of time.


Has anyone else used these two products? I need to know what other 'glitches' I need to know about.


Please let me know about the code in the DevNet Resource Kit #2. If it is outdated, do you know where I can get updated code for the PHP 4.3+ User Authorization?? Thanks. Leesa

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