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Not a happy person - Part 2

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To follow on from another thread on here, I too have been receiving spam from the e-mail addy I use for this site.
I format my e-mail addy to include the name of the site I'm joining so I can trace problems.  So I used phpfreaks at robparker dot co dot uk for signing up here...which I don't use for any other site.
Unfortunatley this is the e-mail addy which has been lifted from here by spammers and is now being used to send me more and more spam each day. It all started with an e-mail trying to extort money from me, claiming I was being chased in the US for downloading child porn - I was asked to make "a donation" in exchange for my name being cleared.  Obviously I did not pay, instead I forwarded the e-mail to the Police - I believe this is now being investigated in the US, along with thousands of other similar e-mails.
Since then I receive a number of e-mails each day, the latest one:

[i]"Dear <email addy removed>
Please read the following message carefully.

We notify that your order was approved and shipped to you via FedEx 2Day Service, track 792531968828.
The amount of $479.95 USD was recieved from your e-gold account.
The details of transaction and specification of chosen product we send you in self-extracting compressed-zip file.
Read it carefully to make sure that there's no mistakes in characteristics of chosen product.
We appreciate your choice!
According to the rules, refund must be based on your original method of payment.
Any requests to refund using e-gold are not accepted, if the payment method was credit card.

IPod For Your, Yahoo Shopping."[/i]

I bet the "attachment" contains a virus or mail sending program...I haven't opened it (nor do I intend to!) instead it will be bounced back to the sender.
Like many others on here I fully expected something as precious as my personal details to be protected - especially when dealing with such a clever bunch as yourselves!
I see you have recently implemented a number of anti-spam measures on the site, so I feel a little better, however I am still a little disappointed this happened in the first place. Not only that, but it has put me off from posting on here...

I wish you all the best with the site, you do provide an excellent service, but can you please reassure us all that our details are safe now?



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We appreciate your kind words about the site.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that do not follow the rules of common decency.  This site has been hit VERY hard numerous times by a number of hack attempts.  We have made strides in protecting our members and we have several SMF developers here as members who have been helping out and providing solutions to problems exactly like you're talking about.

Regardless, we apologize that your email address got lifted from this site.  I don't know whether that occurred before or after we made the switch to SMF from IPB, but if it was before the switch, allow me to apologize again for letting this site run on such pathetic software.  We hope the move to SMF has eased some of your concerns.

We are also working on some other changes that should increase usability and security.  I won't break out a list at the moment, but please note that changes are coming.

As far as the spam you are getting, the only thing I'd suggest for you to do is to block that address and update this site with a new one.  I'm sorry it comes down to that, but there's not much I can do now about that.

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If you take a look at your account profile you will see that your Email address is visible to all people.  You do believe that there is an option, I could be wrong, in your profile settings that will hide your email. If there isn't, post back here and I will personally find or build a mod that will allow users to hide their emails from viewers.

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Ron, I'm pretty sure his email is only visible to us.  I checked his profile and the option to "hide email address from public" is checked.

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There is a setting in the profile you can use to hide your email address. Goto Profile > Account Related Settings > Check the Hide email address from public? checkbox. > Scroll to the bottom enter your password in then click the Change Profile button.

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