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Can you met this problem?

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Hi everyone,

i am trying this one, for one week

i am uploading some files through my php code,
i need to scan the files for virus information,

some sites they referred clamav, so i installed that one
it is working well in command line, in code, i gave like this


$e= "testphp.php";
echo "<br>";
$g= exec("clamscan \"$e\"");
echo "Res is <br>";
echo $g;

my output is

Res is
Time: 1.732 sec (0 m 1 s)

from this i can't know anything......
How can i get the virus information?

guide me! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

with thanks

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take a look at the php manual. exec() only returns the [b]last row[/b] of the result from your external program. there are variables you can pass to retrieve the entire value of the output, but you may want to look at running passthru() instead.
$res = array();
$e = "test.php";
exec("clamscan \"$e\"", $res);
echo "Res is:<br />\n";
echo "<pre>\n";
foreach ($res as $row) echo "$row<br />\n";
echo "</pre>\n";

try that out instead, and you should have the entire result printed out in preformat tags.

good luck

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