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Hello Mods, I am sorry if this the incorrect place to be doing this, I thought about @phpfreaks forums but I decided to put it here. I have no problem with what you do with the thread and I am sorry if I cause trouble.


To cut down on "How can I hack my friends forums" etc. post you can try changing the name of the forums to something other than hacking. What happens is a newbie comes to the forums and sees hacking so they think it is hacking as in warez and so on.


If it was changed to something like Core PHP Editing or Modifing not as many people will come in here looking for cracking and so on. I understand that it is not called that but for the people who know what it actually is the name would not effect them.


Just a thought

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It's a good suggestion, though the only person with the power to make such changes is Eric (phpfreak as he's known on the forums). Also, even if changing the title doesn't work, we could always plead for New thread moderation to be enabled. This way, there's a queue of posts (or at least initial threads) that the moderators can all see and either accept/reject before being seen by everybody else. While it'd be a HUGE pain with a more popular forum, it's feasible.


Eric is very busy at the moment, dealing with Hybodus and trying to keep the business on its feet. When I think we've reached a common ground amongst the mods, perhaps I or somebody who can contact him better will ask for some extra permissions to commence the changes.

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