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Heard of BrowserShots? (Automated browser screenshots) Hehe!


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Look at that, I did not even need to use 'hax0rL337' skills to crash a client IE browser.


That is like being the tallest among midgets, or the smartest in "special class".


Damn Skippy!


It's funny how you can use that site to perform arbituous XSS attacks and destroy its own browsers. MSIE 5.5 one allows res:\\shdoc.dll//res://file:\\\\windows\\\cmd.exe\0\0, although i'll need to work on it a little.

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Is the purpose of this thread to discuss remote-rending-services or to show that you've found a way of crashing a really crappy browser? :shy:


It's just funny, they get random 'reliable' hosts to take the screenshots, but half of them (including ~40% of the older browsers) can be crashed using old methods, it works because they're never patched, as they're old in the first place.


I found it so funny when I did that!

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