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I have a page that shows records of bank teller tickets ordered for a printing company. They only want the last 60 days to show on a "Status" page the bank reviews. I have a "Date In" field for when the order is placed. I assume I would use the "Date In" field to filter the info but I am not sure how...


I know that I can use "Repeat Regions" tool set to "60" but I want to only show 10 records per page... and that just shows the last 60 records and not based on the last 60 days that may have more or less records over the given time...


The project is based on PHP and Mysql using Dreamweaver tools.


Any directions would help since I am not great in this area...

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nailed it:



FROM slip_orders


ORDER BY sort_date DESC



"slip_orders" being the table and "sort_date" being the DATE field in Mysql db...

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