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Invision Power Board -most recent topics

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As developer for roatanet.com I was tasked with setting up a forum. I know SMF quite well however it was decided (for support reasons and that we were told we would get help with setting up payment per post options) to go with Invision Power Board.

After many problems installing it and problems getting support ?!@#$ it was installed-there was a bug in their code which our particular VPS didnt like. Now we see there is no easy module to do say a most recent topics thing.
I can no longer get support due to them affecting my login ! nice. We are trying to resolve that. It all is (how can I say) a little less than smooth.

I know this forum used to use IPB for its forum and they switched to SMF, and I guess someone here developed a recent topics module before for IPB ? Has anyone developed something like that.

I am aware of ssi.php in the tools folder of the download of IPB, but it needs some work and im loathed to get into it if it already exists. Due to the poor customer support I'm asking here.

Thanks for any help.


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